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A selection of interviews featuring Attachment Specialist, Paula Sacks
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Mindful Mama Podcast
May 11, 2021 — 69 MINS

Episode 276: Understanding Attachment with Paula Sacks

What is attachment theory? Discover how you can help your child develop secure attachment on this episode of the Mindful Mama Podcast with Paula Sacks.

Not Your Mother’s Podcast
February 16, 2021 — 43 MINS

Episode 106: Teaching Children How to Have Self-Esteem

In this episode, Paula Sacks shares how our attachment style with our children affects their self-esteem and sense of self in the world throughout their lives.

The Balanced Parent Podcast
February 9, 2021 — 57 MINS

045: How to Foster A Secure Attachment with Paula Sacks

Attachment is an emotional bond that forms in early childhood and if this is not met, our child develops attachment disturbances growing up.

January 27, 2021 — 59 MINS

The Blippi Episode featuring Paula Sacks

Learn from author, licensed clinical social worker and attachment theory specialist Paula Sacks about the best way you can connect with your child.

Connecting with Dr. Kim Swales
January 21, 2021 — 59 MINS

Episode 17: Attachment in Relationships with Paula Sacks

In this episode, Kim explores the importance of attachment in childhood and adult relationships with specialist and author, Paula Sacks. 

December 2, 2020 — 29 MINS

NewTV Innovation Showcase with Paula Sacks

Better understand the importance of attachment theory and the development of secure and healthy emotional bonds between parents and their newborn children.

Your Zen Life
November 3, 2020 — 20 MIN

Attachment Expert Paula Sacks on “What are Love Rays?”

The saying goes, babies don’t come with an instruction manual. But now they do! Join us as we talk with Paula Sacks about developing secure babies.

Your Zen Life
July 12, 2020 — 55 MIN

Attachment Psychology & Attachment Repair

An interview with Attachment Specialist Paula Sacks and Daniel Ahearn. Paula worked with Dr. Brown and others to create the monumental book ‘Attachment Disturbances in Adults’.

Beauty Is Eternal
December 13, 2019 — 63 MIN

Navigating Attachment Styles with Expert Paula Sacks

Many people have attachment disturbances that they are unaware of and repeat patterns unconsciously, asking themselves why they are still single, but never getting to the root cause.

CUTV News Radio
September 12, 2019 — 35 MINS

CUTV News Radio Spotlights Attachment Style Expert Paula Sacks

“If people are coming to my office as adults, then they’ve likely been struggling with an insecure attachment style their whole lives,” says Paula.

Paula Sacks LICSW, Attachment Specialist & Author
Meet the Author

Paula Sacks is a licensed, clinically trained social worker.

  • Co-author to the book “Attachment Disturbances in Adults,” recipient of the 2018 ISST-D Pierre Janet Writing Award
  • Completed advanced course training through Harvard Medical School
  • Provided 5,000 hours as a volunteer therapist to low-income clients from 2004-2017 in Cambridge, Massachusetts
  • Licensure Board of Registration of Social Workers from 2010-2015 in Massachusetts
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