"If sunrays make the flowers grow, what makes little girls and little boys grow?"
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Why Love Rays

With help from her friends Lion, Owl, Rabbit, and Otter, will the little girl discover the secret of Love Rays?

  • Go on an adventure in a magical wood
  • On the journey, meet new animal friends
  • Filled with positive messages and life lessons
  • Understand the power and importance of love
  • Enjoy the delightful illustrations by Andreea Olteanu
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Creating Secure

Based on decades of research into emotional
and cognitive development of children, this
book teaches vital lessons.

Learn About Attachment
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Why Children Love Reading Love Rays

Paula Sacks combines research-backed explanations with a heart-warming story to teach, encourage, and inspire children.

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“Love Rays” is the magical tale of one little girl's search for the answer. With help from her friends Lion, Owl, Rabbit, and Otter, will she discover the secret of Love Rays?

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Paula Sacks LICSW, Attachment Specialist & Author
Meet the Author

Paula Sacks is a licensed, clinically trained social worker.

  • Co-author to the book “Attachment Disturbances in Adults,” recipient of the 2018 ISST-D Pierre Janet Writing Award
  • Completed advanced course training through Harvard Medical School
  • Provided 5,000 hours as a volunteer therapist to low-income clients from 2004-2017 in Cambridge, Massachusetts
  • Licensure Board of Registration of Social Workers from 2010-2015 in Massachusetts
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